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Wildlife Rehabilitation 

Rescue, Rehab and Release

Our mission is to rehabilitate and return native wildlife to the wild, WERC works with sick, injured, and orphaned animals such as bobcats, badgers, owls, hawks, reptiles, songbirds, and eagles. The majority of patients are a result of human intervention, e.g., animals hit by cars, gunshot wounds, poisonings, etc. In addition to animals that arrive at the center due to human intervention, there are also orphaned animals separated from their parents before learning the critical skills necessary to feed and defend themselves in the wild.

Two Owls Ready For Release

Great Horned Owls Almost Ready For Release - PC By Brad Lewis

Our Process

Our Executive Director, Ashley Quick oversees the care, feeding, and treatment of WERC's patients through state-of-the-art wildlife rehabilitation techniques. Professional veterinary services are secured for acute emergencies. Chronic, long-term rehabilitative care is provided at the Center, with veterinarian visits provided on an as-needed basis. WERC's professional staff is critical to the success of our rehabilitation program. But with the admission of hundreds of animals every year, our staff performs only a fraction of the services required to maintain the Center. Their work is supplemented by an army of dedicated volunteers enthusiastically providing care, maintenance of facilities, representing the Center in community events, exercising on-site education animals, attending continuing education seminars on wildlife rehabilitation, and a myriad of other functions which comprise the services offered by WERC.


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