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Yellow-Billed Magpie


About Eureka

The Yellow-Billed Magpie was transferred up to WERC from a wildlife center in Southern California. With more abundance of this species of Magpie and their complex social structure, we were hoping to get her into placement with other yellow-billed magpies in care. Unfortunately, she was showing to be too comfortable around humans. With this in mind, the potential of releasing her back to a colony where she would be accepted diminished. Eureka officially entered WERC's ambassador team in 2018.

Yellow-Billed Magpie Map
Yellow-Billed Magpie Facts

Pica Nuttalli

Range: Central California
Habitat: Yellow Billed Magpies are permanent residents in open oak woodlands and grassy oak savannas of central California. They like to inhabit tree species such as a variety of Oak trees, Western Sycamores, Gray and Monterey Pine, Monterey Cypress and Black Cottonwood.
Height: 17-20" Wingspan: 24" Weight: 5-6 oz (150-170 gms)
Voice: Both sexes give a set of rapid harsh calls
Life span in the wild: 7-8 years
Nesting: In natural tree cavities or woodpecker holes
Monogamous: They form long term pairs that appear to be monogamous but have seen copulation occur outside of these partnerships.
Diet and Habits: Feed largely on the ground on insects and other invertebrates, plant matter (acorns and grain). They also can be seen eating trash, dog food, roadkill and other carrion. They are visual hunters, walking along until they spot food then quickly seizing prey.

Interesting Info:
Yellow-Billed Magpies are only found in California!

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