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Wildlife Education

Living With Wildlife

WERC is pleased to offer educational information to community groups and schools about a variety of topics related to local wildlife. 

Screech Owl - Photo Credit Brad Lewis

Owlivia - Our Screech Owl Ambassador - PC Brad Lewis

Live Animal Programs

Let WERC come to you!  We are available for events and classrooms. Programs can be tailored to meet your needs.  Send an email here or call us at (408) 779-9372 to schedule an event. Please feel free to discuss ideas you have with us when making your reservation. 

Live Animal Event and Classroom Pricing:


  • $490 for up to two animals

  • + travel fee outside of MH

  • Approximately 90 minutes

Discounted Classroom Prices

One hour K-6 class -  $300

Second and third one hour class the rate reduces to $200


Shorter classes for kindergarten classes

1/2-hour first class is $150.00

1/2-hour second and third class is $100  
There is a mileage travel fee based on distances from WERC's center in Morgan Hill call or email for additional info.

Call or email us to check the availability of grant money to cover the cost of programs. 

Program Stipulations

  • A maximum number of students per program is 35.

  • A Maximum of three programs on a single day.

  • Program availability and prices are subject to change without notice.

  • To schedule programs or obtain more information, contact WERC.

  • Program location cannot be at a private residence.

  • Can be a local park or public building due to fish and wildlife regulations.

​WERC Also Does Birthday Parties! Call for details

Events And Classes

Oreo the Kingsnake
Feathers, Fur, and Scales

This wonderful live animal program introduces students to the similarities and differences between mammals, birds and reptiles. Characteristics of each type of animal are examined through hands-on materials.

Wapeka The Red Tailed Hawk
Birds of Prey

This program offers an exciting and comprehensive exploration of local diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey. Living examples and hands-on materials help demonstrate flight, sight, hearing and other adaptations.

Great Horned Owl
Silent Hunters

Students engage in an in-depth study of native California owls, observe the natural habitat of a live owl and examine a variety of hands-on specimens such as skulls, bones, feet, talons, wings and feathers.

Hungry Swallows
Stayin' Alive

Take an up-close look and discover how mammals' physical structures and behaviors help improve an animal's chance for survival in the wild. Through the study of skulls, students will learn how to identify if the animal is a herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. They will also learn about habitats, predator/prey relationships, and basic animal ecology. Observe living examples of selected animals during the presentation.

Holly The Virginia Opossum
Create Your Own Class

Contact us and let us help you create your own class experience. 

Great Horned Owl Painting
Paint Owls with Luna

This is a perfect activity class for kids and adults. We will come to your classroom or venue ( think winery) with Luna and an owl painting project. Limited to 20 or fewer painters. Classes are two hours long. $10 materials fee per participant. 

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