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WERC's Educational Ambassador Team

Meet The Animals That Came To Stay

WERC is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of orphaned, sick, and injured native wildlife, going to great lengths to ensure that the animals can be successfully returned to their native habitat. Sometimes, an animal is not returnable to the wild due to permanent injuries or imprinting. In such cases, if the animal is otherwise healthy, WERC will try to place the animal with a licensed wildlife facility, including WERC itself. WERC has special possession permits from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, the USDA, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and meets all guidelines required by said agencies regarding the animals' welfare. WERC refers to the educational animals as ambassadors, appearing at schools, libraries, and public events to teach about the animal's natural history and behavior to encourage peaceful coexistence between civilization and our native wildlife. See Our Ambassadors Here

Luna The Great Horned Owl

Luna - Our Great Horned Owl Ambassador - PC By Brad Lewis

Our Education Ambasadors 

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